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Formal Choir Performance


A bit of history…

The Institute for Choral Creativity (ICC) was founded by composer Ed Frazier Davis in the summer of 2020, and is an affiliate institute of the William Baker Choral Foundation. The ICC was conceived after Ed sought to expand his role as the Choral Foundation's Composer-in-Residence, acting as a liaison between composers and Choral Foundation ensembles in the hope of building a more robust 21st-century music presence in the organization's repertoire.

Our mission…


The ICC seeks to further and empower the art of contemporary choral music by 1) identifying talented emerging and underrepresented choral composers and connecting them with ensembles committed to performing and/or recording their music; 2) curating an annual composition competition with a cash prize and multiple performances of the winning work(s); and 3) offering private and group instruction, starting in the summer of 2021, in writing for choirs, contemporary choral music appreciation, and other topics for anyone from compositional newcomers to experienced composers looking to diversify their output.

More to come…


The ICC is a fledgling organization and we plan to expand our responsibilities drastically in the months and years to come! As of this writing, only the first two of our mission statement goals are "live"; educational outreach is next on the horizon, with webinars, a podcast, and other class topics such as sightreading and music theory all under consideration.

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